So you are probably looking at this page because you were cited by an inspector or maybe you noticed your  exit or emergency lights were  not illuminated when you had a recent power outage. As per NFPA code, all commercial buildings must possess exit & emergency lighting that has a back up battery source. Whatever your reason is, we here to asssit you being code compliant. We have been servicing the Tampa and Pinellas areas for exit & emergency light repairs for over 20 years. We service all types of emergency, exit, combo lights, replacement bulbs, batteries and face plate covers you could ever need. Most items, we stock. If we have to special order you an item, NO PROBLEM. Usually most special orders are shipped within 48 hours.

We offer…….

Annual Inspection & Testing of Emergency/Exit Lighting
Our trained technician will inspect and test each emergency or exit light fixture to verify that the battery is being properly charged and that in a case of a power outage, your facilty will have the neccessary lighting requirements per code. Once our technician has confirmed that emergency or exit light fixture  is code complaint, our trained technician will then affixed a decal indicating the date the unit has been serviced and what type of service was performed.  We aso offer a 90 minute test; which, we will then discharge the unit, exercising the battery to determine any droppage of voltage that it will operate for the code required 90-minutes. If the unit is functional, a tag will be affixed indicating the date the unit has been serviced. We will maintain an exit  and emergency light inventory list for future service reference which we will  number each unit and maintain them annually as per code. We will provide a copy of report for your records.

HELPFUL TIP: Make sure that you have your lights inspected and tested annually  by a licensed company. This will keep you in code compliance and will increase the longevity of the actual fixture. Our staff members can assist you with part replacements to do it yourself or we can include this annual inspection and testing with your fire extinguisher annual inspection. This will ultimately save you money in the long run!

We have exit and emergency light replacement fixtures starting at $27.95 . Call today for more details!

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