Fire Alarm Inspection & Repair

Fire alarm systems consist of much more than smoke detectors on the walls or ceilings or a main fire alarm control panel in the front of your building. Many elements of fire alarm systems are kept out of sight, so you might not be able to check them every day. During a routine annual fire alarm system inspection, the various components of your fire alarm system are exercised and tested to make sure they’re all in good working order. This includes all of the manual pull stations, alert/alarm methods (strobes and horns), smoke and heat detectors, duct detectors, annunciator panels, the main alarm panel, and any communications sub-panels and battery backup supplies.

A to Z Fire offers troubleshooting and repair of circuit boards and all other fire alarm components. If a fire alarm inspection turns up any items that need to be addressed, our experienced technical staff will quickly find the answer to the problem and have it fixed as quickly as possible.

Why Are Fire Alarm System Inspections Important?

One of the most important fire protection systems you can install in your Tampa, or St. Petersburg is a fire alarm. A fire alarm system is the best way to alert your employees and coworkers of a fire so they can quickly get to safety. It is important to keep your fire alarm system up to code to ensure it works properly at all times. Annual fire alarm inspection will ensure that your fire alarm system is ready and able to perform correctly in the actual event of a fire emergency.

What Else Does a Fire Alarm Inspection Include?

  • Inspect control panel
  • Verify monitoring connection
  • Inspect annunciator
  • Test pull stations
  • Test bells
  • Test audible/visual devices
  • Test elevator recall
  • Test door holders
  • Test duct detectors
  • Test thermal detectors
  • Test tamper switches
  • Test flow switches
  • Test ground fault detection circuitry
  • Test for grounded field wiring
  • Load test of standby batteries