Hydrant Maintenance: Who’s Responsible?

Any hydrant not owned and maintained by the city or county is considered private. Private hydrants must be tested a minimum of once per year and after each use in accordance with NFPA Standard 25. Routine inspection of hydrants is important and necessary in order to assure proper function and operator safety. Our hydrant maintenance, testing, & repair services include:
  • Flow Testing, Flow Charts, & Flushing
  • Painting, Greasing, & Oiling
  • Raising, Lowering, & Relocation

Line Tec is an experienced contractor qualified to perform maintenance, inspections, and testing services to all North American hydrant brands including: American Darling, Clow, Dresser, Kennedy, M& H, Metropolitan, Mueller, US Pipe, & more.

Serious Safety

A hydrant may be a dog’s best friend, but fire safety is no laughing matter. We perform all maintenance and testing as outlined in AWWA Manual M17 for Installation, Field Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Hydrants in order to:
  • Maintain Hydrants in a Serviceable Condition
  • Ensure Ease of Operation & Accessibility
  • Verify Proper Functionality
  • Confirm Sufficient Flow Capability
  • Guarantee the Safety of Operators & Citizens