My heart is bleeding! We lost another brother!


images (1)We lost another brother to the evils of cancer this afternoon! As my heart bleeds, the tears are rolling, the heart is broken and as the pain is taking away my breath, I think about a dear friend that has gone. The worse part is he left behind a beautiful young wife, a brand new 2 week old boy , family and so many  friends! We all know he is in a much better place, but the lost is great! Only time will ease the pain. Please take this moment to give your love ones that smile, that kind gesture, the  three little words I LOVE YOU! Make them breakfast, be kind to them, take each and every day as a gift. You will never know when that moment comes. Cherish each and every minute

We ask that if you can help out relay for life, the cancer society, by donations, by giving your time, whatever you can…. please do it. We can never rest until we find a cure! We will miss our brother!