A New Year – A New Way!

Many people post their goals or resolutions for the new year. With that being said, we know that many make big plans but always seem to come up short. Here at A to Z Fire, we take great pride in finding ways to improve the weak areas we have managed to struggle with in the past. Like most businesses, creating environment that is profitable and manageable is very hard when it comes to promoting nehouse-on-fire 2w business ideas. We know that most customers really don’t even think about fire equipment unless they have personally experienced the devastation of a fire or had a run in with a local fire inspector or insurance compliance agent. That is why we have decided to become more involved with the community to educate people on the ways fire can be prevented. We want to also give our THANKS to the first responders that risk their lives each and everyday to help those less fortunate ones. We are sad to say that almost daily, one of our heros will lose their life while trying to save another. We would love to find a way to help reduce that number, in anyway possible. That is why we are  planning for the new year to find a new way of educating our community on how to help us reduce the risk of fire. If we can save one home, one life, we have made a change. 

That is why we are offering everyone, FREE home/business FIRE RISK evaluations which will conduct an evaluation of ones home or business and make recommendations that would help reduce the risk of fire. Dan Freitag, the owner of A to Z Fire will personally come to your location and evaluate your current risk status. He will make suggestions that will reduce your risk of fire for FREE!  So please, if you would like your FREE RISK evaluation or know someone who would, please have them contact Dan directly at 727-865-1050! We want to a NEW YEAR, with A NEW WAY! Please, lets all try to save a life this year!